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Find sales leads on the internet!

Level up your online sales! With SalesLift it's a piece of cake!

  • Locate and seize sale opportunity in social media
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How it works?

SalesLift combines the possibilities of Internet monitoring with advanced functions of modern CRM systems.


SalesLift searches for information most important to you and your company online, no matter if the Internet users are talking directly to you or about you. Meet people who make comments on your brand and get tips on how to start effective conversation!


Be up to date with customers' posts on facebook, twitter, forums and newsgroups. Impress your clients by making your brand present where the discussion about it takes place. Thanks to integration of popular social networks you can answer straight from our app.


Identify occasions for your product or service sale by the Internet. Create advanced user's profiles. Convert potential leads into clients. Organize the process by creating categories and assign specific tasks to your team members.

What possibilities SalesLift can give you?

React immediately

Posts that you are interested in will appear in SalesLift just seconds after being posted on the Internet.

Work in a team

Thanks to notes and tasks assignment everyone in your company can be your brand's representative on the Internet

Mange your relations

Thanks to SalesLift archiving conversation history with your clients, communication is even more effective.

Answer form the app level

Thanks to integration of popular social networks, you can communicate with your clients from one place.

Rate effects

Thanks to available statistics and reports you can evaluate your and your team's work

On a device of your choice

Enjoy all the features everywhere, on a device of your choice.

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ul. Lęborska 3B
80-386 Gdańsk

Based on a loan contract No. UUP-POIG.03.00.02-12-038/13-00. with The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) signed on 11th of February 2014 company SalesLift S.A. carried out project:

Creation of IT system for detecting inquiries that indicate being potential sales leads.

Total value of load: 1 000.000,00 PLN

Own contribution: 200.000,00 PLN

Project was finished in 2016

Loans are given from "Fundusz Pożyczkowy Wspierania Innowacji" co-financed by European Regional Development Fund